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Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

toddler travel tips

Traveling with a toddler can turn into a nightmare if you are not well prepared before or you are traveling alone. It is very important to engage your little one at each and every step of your journey, otherwise, toddler shows tantrums and it can be your worst motherhood experience. Make one promise to yourself before you travel that you will be calm and supportive throughout your journey and plan travel in advance. Backpack the most important things for the journey like wipes, snacks, water, diapers, blanket, disinfecting hand gel, child shampoo, soap, toddler toothbrush and toothpaste, plastic bags for storing soiled diapers and clothes, tissues, toys, story books, sunhat, sunscreen, washable bibs, sippy cups, night light, laundry soap, car seat and anything you find essential for your toddler.Here are some tips to travel with a toddler in a more manageable way.

Flying High with a Toddler

If you plan to travel by flight so prepare yourself accordingly such as always carry stroller with you, no matter, toddler loves walking. If you allow your toddler to walk at the airport along with some tantrums, surely, you’ll miss the flight. Flying high can be a scary thing for the toddler closer to age 3 and sometimes, they started throwing tantrums on you. Just make him comfortable by engaging him in any other activities like stories, small games, looking out of the flight window. Try to help your child burn energy at the airport before you board the flight, it will help you too.

Driving with a Toddler

Driving with a toddler is not an easy task to do. You have to fulfill each and every wish of your toddler while you are on the go. It is advisable to sit in the back seat with your toddler or ask your friend/relative (if traveling along with you) to accompany him and this can go a long way. If you are traveling alone, then provide some of his favorite toys, colored picture books so that he keeps on engaging himself with the stuff as toddlers can easily be distracted and require frequent gearshifts. Keep on providing him some snacks, water, juice, and finger food.

Staying Overnight

If you are going to stay overnight at the hotel or at a relative place, it is going to be very painful for you. As your toddler is not familiar with the place, he will not leave you and will refuse of staying alone, even at bed. If you accompany him all the time, it will be an exciting experience for your toddler but if you decide to leave him for few minutes he will get cranky. Try to introduce him to the new place and people. Flip through photos of the people or hotel might help you and toddler. At bed time, make sure you are carrying his night light, nightwear, and his favorite soft toy.

These tips help a toddler in this transition and a better vacation for both of you.

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