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Helping your toddler to talk

There are several misconceptions about talking to your little ones, to make them talk in return. According to some experts, the more you talk with your babies, the more she will talk to you – this message has been misinterpreted by many mothers. Sadly, these moms got the point exactly the other way and start blabbering with the babies.

There is no problem with the advice to talk with your babies. But it won’t work every time you attempt, as the baby may not be in a mood to listen to your talk as she doesn’t understand a thing what you are talking about. Yes, talking with the baby should be done at the right time and when the baby is in the right mood. For example, try talking to an annoyed or crying baby! It won’t work most of the time as they are not ready to listen what you say. Equally, you should know what is the right mood and time your baby can follow your talk.

Encouraging your kid to talk is anticipating the quality of speech and quantity of words from your child. Whatever parents try to do, children start their language learning process from the early stages. They observe what you are talking to them, listen to the sounds and create mind maps to relate the sounds and language. Learning and talking comes naturally to kids. Though, the time may vary from one baby to another. If you are attempting to see your kid talking a little quicker, you may try the following methods.

At this stage, learning the language happens mostly through visual communication. Children cannot understand the meanings of the words, so you can take the help of the actions and body language to make them comprehend what you are trying to convey. If you are serving the meal, sit before the baby and call her. Talk to them and show them actions with your hands so she can understand that lunch is served.

Call the baby’s name and look at her. This will make her understand her name and gives her a hint you are trying to talk with her.

Communicate in the simplest way possible. Don’t use complex words that may confuse the baby. Emphasize the words keenly which you want her to understand. As calling her name two to three times in equal intervals.

Make sure there are no unnecessary noises running in your house while you are talking with your baby as she can keenly concentrate on what you say. Switch off the radios or Televisions in the background and maintain a pleasant place.

Don’t look at proper pronunciation at this stage, stop correcting the mistakes and focus on what the toddler is speaking with you. In return, you may choose to appreciate your baby if she does right communication. Cuddle her and appreciate her, if she is too good in communication, give her a treat.

While talking with your kids, do remember it is not just your talking makes them bind with your language. But you should also listen to what they say. If you are listening to their random thoughts, babies feel their importance and there are more chances for an improved speaking and language skills.

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