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Relationship Stress After Baby: How to Cope with it?

When my daughter was born, I became fanatical with a question that had nothing to do with babies but why my husband changed. He was the person, I love and I decided to spend rest of my life with this man and now, I feel like to kill him. Isn’t it strange!

After Baby, you need to put in lots of efforts in your marriage for smooth relationship and it requires high pro energy and time, which you’ve got the least of right now. There are lots of things on your plate and you have to share your responsibilities with your spouse to spend quality time with each other and to strengthen the relationship. Here’s advice from experts as well as couples in the trenches on why this transition is so difficult and what you can do to smooth things out. Let’s take one by one:

Household Chores

Household stuff is always our first priority like who will do the dishes and who will take care of the laundry. Dishes, laundry, cleaning home, cooking, feeding baby, changing nappies are on the top most priority.  These things exist before baby was born but now it requires lots of attention and discipline as the baby on board. Note down the chores on the paper, distribute it and perform your duties without nagging each other. It helps in developing your relationship with your spouse instead of breaking things down.

Couple Time

It is very important for your healthy marriage to schedule your time together and spend some quality time. Women and men feel very differently. Women want to cuddle the baby and totally consumed with baby care for all day and all night. On the other side, men way of feeling close is to have sex. Communication is a key to intimacy. Guys who gives support in baby care like bathing, changing nappies, settling, cooking cleaning are a great way to share so that she can also relax and have some time to share love.

Find some Me Time

At the end of the day you may feel completely exhausted, you can’t expect to feel excited about your relationship. Find out some me time from your daily routine, to pamper yourself and feel some special about you so that you can also be excited for your partner too. It can be anything from painting your nails to prepare a cup of coffee, walk in the sunshine, join some local mom groups when your baby asleep. You and your partner, both will get benefit from it and your relationship nurture.

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