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How to Find “Me” Time as a Mom


Is it possible to find a “me-time” as a Mom? You may wonder, it is possible. Whenever I think of “Me Time”, it seems like a dream. I always wanted to have a baby but I had no idea what motherhood looks like. Seriously, motherhood brings in a storm of responsibilities and your endless tasks. You cannot find a way out for yourself, you’ll become the most engaging person for 24/7.

Is it scary to be a MOM?

Ahhh… I never knew it. Yes, you are a Mom and your kids can easily say that you must do it because you are a Mom. I remember, that I used to say same lines to my Mom and I never care about her feelings that she was indeed a person. Mom is responsible for kid’s well-being but she is a person too with her own expectations and demands.
Many women wake up at 5:00 am in the morning and try to find “me-time”. For working moms, the situation gets worse due to their hectic schedule and they hated it because there’s nothing me time about being awake at five in the morning. Some people say that shower time can be a me-time. Oh Really, what happens? When you are in the middle of taking shower and your kids are yelling outside.

As a mom, you must find out ways for yourself from your daily hassle to relax. Here are some tips on how to find me time as a mom.

We can understand, it’s difficult but not impossible.

  • The best time to relax, when your kids asleep. You can read books, watch TV, pamper yourself for half an hour or one.
  • You can go out for shopping alone. Ask your partner to take care of your kid for few hours and you can enjoy your time with yourself without the interference of anyone. Sounds Great. When I am away from my kids for few hours, it brings happiness when we reunited.
  • Share your hobbies and interests with your kids and involve them in your passion. They are more likely enjoy and admire you for doing cool stuff. I remember, when I was a kid, I used to participate in baking cookies with my mother and I really appreciate whatever she did for me and the things she continues to do for me. Your child will admire too.

How to Involve Kids

There are many activities, in which you can involve your kids. I always take help from my daughter when I paint my nails. I asked her to hold bottle and mommy will take paint from it when required. It’s unbelievable, she holds it for minutes until I finish the job and ask her to leave.

Usually, I ask my daughter to clean toys. Sounds rude, but I am not. Hahahaha.. Surprisingly, she enjoys cleaning whether sofa, table, chair anything. Whenever she started cleaning, I stopped her and ask her to clean toys instead of cleaning sofa. You know why? Because if she clean sofa, she’ll make it messier. This is how I make her participate in my daily activities.

Motherhood is a blessing and you must play your role as a mom. But I would like to say that don’t lose sight on yourself while taking care of your child and family. You are the most important being for yourself and your family too and responsible for fulfilling their needs. You can’t help others until you help yourself. Taking care of yourself will lead you to happy, healthy life and you can gain a better sense of yourself as a person.

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