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7 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Eat Family Dinner Together

The family dinner we know, is an occasion of mashed potatoes, meatloaf, favorite curries, at least one fight over the salt shaker and where each family member enjoys the togetherness. We may think that eating together as a family is to ensure everyone has food in their stomachs but it is more than what we think. Family dinner also feed people emotionally and give them the chance to spend some quality time and know each other well. There are countless reasons, why one should have a family time, once a day, but here are some scientifically proven benefits to eat family dinner together.

Better Family Relationships

No Doubt, family dinners strengthen the family bonds and the children who eat family dinners on daily basis can grow up as a healthy adult with lesser risk of obesity. This quality time gives sense of security and feeling of belonging to the family to young children. In a recent Columbia University study, 71% of teenagers said that the best part of the family dinner is spending time with family members.

Healthier Food Choices

When we eat family dinner together, it leads to healthy dietary patterns and the kids who eat family dinner consume fruits and vegetables instead of fried food/soda. Their diet consists of highly nutrients like calcium, iron, fiber, magnesium, potassium useful in physical and brain development.

Leads to Happiness

There is a proven record for children who eat dinner with family are emotionally stable and mentally strong. Teenagers are likely to be adjusted, good manners and communication skills who ate family meals regularly. It also effects the mental health of mothers. The mothers who ate dinner with family are less likely to be stressed or depressed.

Control the Portion

When we eat at home, it is very clear that we can control our portion. In restaurants, the food is rich in calories, the more food is presented to us, the more we eat. At home, we can control our portions accordingly and it is healthier option.

Healthy Meal Healthy Child

Studies reveal that kids who eat with their families are less prone to eating habit disorders, depression and consider suicide. If child is suffering from any emotional disturbance, family dinner can do the magic. The children who ate dinner with family on regular basis are the most sharing person in their adolescent lives.

Relieve Stress

In today’s world working in an office is so stressful which working moms can easily understand. In 2008, researchers at Brigham Young University conducted a study of corporate employees and found that sitting down to a family meal helped working moms reduce the strain.

Save Money

Family dinner at home can save your lots of money. Home cooked food is much cheaper than the outside food. We can invest money in the right direction instead of spending too much on the restaurants and for high calories food. It affects severely on our health as well as on our pocket.

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