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What do Labor Contractions Really Feel Like?

labor contractions

You may wonder what labor pain really feel like. Your due date is approaching and you are going to be on the lookout for labor contractions. But you have no idea about it. Sometimes, many women consider a small pain as a labor pain which turns out to be nothing. Here are some signs of labor contractions which really means a go-time:

Menstrual Cramps

Remember your worst menstrual cramps, contractions started just like that, it’s going to be worse and worse. If the intensity is too high, don’t delay and reach your doctor as soon as possible.

Gas Pain

You may feel a severe gas pain in your stomach and you become restless. If the gas pain will not ease up after some time or after going to the bathroom, that means, it’s a labor pain and time to go.

Back Pain

If the baby face is up and is pushing down, the pressure of his skull in your back will lead to an incredible pain. You may feel cramping and tightening along with the back ache. The pain will be getting worse and worse, when the baby enters the birth canal.

Uterus Tightening

You may feel the muscles around the uterus harden and contract, it leads to tightening of the uterus and a great discomfort in the abdomen. If the intensity is high, it’s a labor contraction.

If still you are not sure whether the baby is coming up, check out the intensity of these contractions, if these are not going away and keeps on increasing, it’s a sure sign that these are the labor contractions.

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