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Positive Pregnancy Test – Is it Reliable or False

positive pregnancy test

The pregnancy test indicates whether or not there’s a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG) in your urine. And most of the pregnancy tests are reliable if you undergo at the right time immediately after you miss your menstrual period. If the test is positive, Congratulations, you are pregnant.
But there are always exceptions, we would like to bring into your notice, some reasons why a test seems to suggest you’re pregnant but may occasionally be wrong.

Recent Miscarriage

If you have undergone recent miscarriage, your pregnancy test result can give you false positive sign as the hormone (HCG) exists in the bloodstream even after few weeks of miscarriage or until your menstrual period returns.

Chemical Pregnancy

Some women feel happy about their positive pregnancy test result before the due date of their periods and after some days they’ve got a heavy bleeding than usual and is well-known as a chemical pregnancy. This is an early miscarriage and many women even don’t know if they were pregnant. A lot of people call it as a false positive pregnancy test result.

If your pregnancy test is positive, make an appointment with you doctor and confirm, if everything is okay with a fetus. Doctors can easily detect positive pregnancy through ultrasound and can confirm you after 6-8 weeks of conception.

Test Errors

Before taking pregnancy test, make sure the test kit is not expire and follow the instructions carefully. Mistakes can lead you false pregnancy test results.

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