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Early Signs of Pregnancy

early signs of pregnancy

You may be wondering that you are pregnant but the only solution to confirm is a pregnancy test. Every woman is different and therefore, the symptoms of pregnancy varies from one to another. But there are some symptoms or early signs of pregnancy which helps you in identifying whether you are pregnant.


When egg fertile, it gets stick to the wall of the uterus and you may feel some sort of cramps in your lower abdomen. And also, there may be a bleeding which you may consider it as a start of period but it’s not. However, the cramps and bleeding are slight. Apart from cramps and spotting, a woman may notice white discharge from vagina due to thickening of uterus wall. It’s normal and starts almost immediately after conception.


Nausea is very common for pregnant woman. Not every woman faces morning sickness but many of them go through the morning sickness and experience a session of vomit while brushing teeth. The actual relation between morning sickness and not revealed but many believe that it may be due to hormonal changes.

Breast Changes

After conception, the women breasts become swollen and sore a week or two later. The area around nipples called areola may also darken. It will take few more weeks to adjust with new level of hormones and breast pain should ease up.


One week after conceiving, a woman may start feeling tiredness or fatigue. It is due to lower blood pressure; lower blood sugar levels and high production of blood contribute in fatigue. It is important to take rest and have protein and iron rich food to maintain your levels like broccoli, carrot, beans, apples, kiwi and dairy food.

Missed Period

If women missed a period, she may think about pregnancy. But, on the other side, missed period is not the only sign of pregnancy. There are other reasons for missed period like stress, PCOD (Poly cystic ovary disease), too much weight loss and fatigue. Women should aware of bleeding in pregnancy and should consult a doctor about the bleeding flow. For example, when the bleeding is normal and when is the sign of emergency.

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