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9 Quick Interesting Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Adding a new family member is a milestone for every couple. The feeling of having a baby is priceless. Each passing moment becomes special and caring for both people. The excitement, thrill within is hard to control. Once the news settles down within, it’s time to share this with the world! You want to announce the news with families, friends, and colleagues. As a ‘to be’ parents, you should think of funny, creative ways to share this piece of news.

Adding creativity and fun while sharing the news makes it more appealing. The process itself becomes special, both for the couple and others. Capturing the excitement and emotions and presenting it with creative yet funny ideas is the intention. Let’s explore some ideas which are humorous and showcase the creativity.

Blockbuster arrival

A movie poster introduces the star cast, key players and the team. On the same lines, a funny poster announcing the pregnancy can be a fantastic idea. An ‘effective’ title creates a lot of curiosity among readers. You can add a background picture of your family along with a tagline. The star cast shall have the couple’s names and the ‘Production’ company will be the family name. The expected date of delivery will be the ‘Release’ date for this blockbuster event. Select a background picture which looks funny and entertaining. This adds a fun element to the poster.


Mugshot is a term used for taking police photograph of the accused. To create an impact, the element of fun has to be surprising. A picture of the couple in identical clothes with a funny face is the idea behind this ‘Mugshot’ click. You may write parent’s name along with the crime written something as ‘baby on the way’ or ‘we are pregnant’ in the background. The couple can hold a board in their hands written as ‘To be Dad’ and ‘To be Mom’ with a third board in the middle of them. You can write the expected date as the date of next ‘trial’. If shot perfectly, this poster looks very creative.

Flight ‘arrival’ status

A flight ‘status’ theme will be innovative thought. Staring at the flight arrival board at the airport is a tiring task, especially if the flight is not on time. Let our friends and families see this funny poster with a ‘baby’ arrival status. The background image will be of a cockpit with the couple as the pilots. Below this, the name of the flight will be ‘baby’ and the due date will be the arrival date. If you want to add more, the ‘luggage belt number’ should be your home address. This poster reflects the happiness and eagerness for the baby to arrive.

New set of Denims

This poster is very easy to create. 2 adults’ denims placed alongside and then place a ‘cut-out’ of baby denim in the middle. Above the adult’s denim’s you might put a note saying ‘Dad’ and other one with ‘Mom’. To add a fun angle, add the name of the season as a caption i.e. summer / winter collection.

Credit Card statement

This funny idea shows your humorous side to the world! Your credit card statement can give you a creative idea about sharing the news. Add the purchases along with the charges related to the pregnancy, like visiting doctor, report or transportation costs. In the ‘Due’ date column, you can mention the date of delivery. To make it funnier, you can end a punch line which can act as a welcome note for the readers.

“Loosing ‘only’ child status

This idea works only if you have another child. Your child can wear a T-shirt with a personalized comment stating ‘only child’ status expiring on XXXX (the due date).  Start with a picture of the kid, followed by a family picture with the child in the center stage. People would like the family picture and rejoice at the message written. This creative idea gives you the chance to engage your entire family and celebrate the occasion.

Smartphone Advertisement

This is a simple but a funny way to share the good news. You can place 2 big smartphones or Tabs along with a plastic model of a phone given to infants. Give it a funny name and write the expected date as the launch date. The fun would be to mention the features of the phone. Think about the best qualities between you and your wife and jot them down. In addition, you can also express your feelings in few lines and give them a heading -about the phone. This will add an emotional touch to the poster. This idea will definitely work as it describe the parents and their thoughts.

Hire a 4 ‘legged’ Guard

Having a dog as a pet in households is a common sight nowadays. Your adorable pooch can contribute a lot in this regard. Write a board stating – ‘Body Guard’ of the baby, effective from the date when pregnancy ends. This photo shoot will be cute and creative. A hat on the head or goggles in the eyes of the dog will make it funnier. Placing a cradle alongside the dog will make the picture more artistic and funny. Pet lovers will love this gesture.

Final Exams

Knowledge never goes in vain! As a ‘to be’  parent, you can use this theme in a funny manner. Both of you can stand or sit near a pile of books and hold a book with a title – ’50 ways of being a good Parent’. To look more serious, you can wear spectacles and have a worried expression on your face. The delivery date will be exam date. This photo will give a funny look to the couple and people will enjoy viewing the picture.

Make sure to keep the picture or the poster along with you till your child grows up. Let your children understand how important they are. The child can gauge the excitement and happiness of the parents from the picture.


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