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5 Obvious Reasons of Miscarriage

The people who experience this disaster or early pregnancy loss can only understand the pain lies in it and the only question they raise about miscarriage is WHY? The miscarriage brings in the long-lasting emotional repercussions including fear, anger, stress, depression and guilt. Doctors give you unusual reasons and friends shows sympathy. Here are some most common reasons for miscarriage:


The women suffering from thyroid disorder have greater chances of early pregnancy loss whether it be too low or too high, it can lead to problems with infertility. A thyroid that is producing too many hormones can interfere with estrogen’s ability and make the uterus unfavorable for implantation or lead to uterine bleeding.


Uncontrolled Diabetes is a very common cause of miscarriage. Patients are encouraged to speak to their health providers to balance the blood sugar levels to secure the pregnancy.


Lifestyle plays a vital role in securing and fortifying pregnancy. Healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy baby and self-destructive habits like drugs, alcohol use during pregnancy can cause miscarriage.

Physical complications

Physical complications like uterine abnormalities including septum or polyps or cervical incompetency results in miscarriage. It usually occurs in 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Blood clotting disorders

Like physical abnormalities, miscarriage that result from blood clotting disorders are rarer, but do occur. It is advisable to every pregnant woman to talk to your doctor or health expert about clotting or spotting beforehand.

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