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When parenting Styles Collide

when parenting styles collide

Are you in the situation, where your parenting style collides with your partner style. Don’t worry, it is a very natural process as both of you belongs to different behavior, background, temperament, so your parenting style as well. When you both become partner irrespective of your different nature, that is okay.

When you want to have pizza for dinner and he want to have Thai. You both go out, order pizza and Thai food, enjoy your evening and return home with no grudges in your heart. Everything seems to be perfect.

But environment changes when your kids come into this world. Now, you cannot impose anything on your child as your partner is going with a flow. These differences can build a road block in raising your child. Parents are too sensitive about their children so the minor differences can turn into major fights.

Here are some things to do:


It is very important to talk with your partner when your parenting style collide with your partner and you feel nowhere. Communication is a key to a successful relationship and can help you in reducing these differences.

Take mutual decisions

Pre-decide things for your children instead of fighting in front of them. Start talking about education, bedtime routines, playtime, TV time, eating habits, so that both of you can be on a single page. If your opinions are different from your partner and your child know it, he is in a situation, where he is unable to understand which path is correct and which is incorrect. Children of such parents face trouble in their future like education, career etc. because they’ve lived their lives with the confusing state of mind.

External Resources

If you are a new parent, then parenting may be a new subject for you. I would suggest, you should look for external resources  like child educators, other experienced parents, doctors and the internet to collect more information. Try to resolve issues with your partner by communicating and try to be on the mutual ground. If both of you do not agree with each other opinion, then the one should agree the most practical approach of other or take a second opinion from trustworthy people. Think in the direction of kids benefit, instead of imposing your behavior on kids.

Positive Approach

There is a positive side of these differences, which you can utilize in raising a loving and disciplined child. Let’s say, you are a strict disciplinarian and your partner is an emotional nurturer, then this can be a great combination. Your kid will get love, nourishment as well as the discipline at the same time. Don’t forget, that both of you can be a role model for your children. Try to keep calm yourself, discuss things with your partner, your child and then decide the parenting style.

Fighting is not a solution, but a healthy talk can resolve your issues.

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