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Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

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Studies show that children are at the higher risk of domestic violence. According to U.S government statistics, 95% of women are the victims of domestic violence by their male partners. Children are the eye witness of these type of violence’s. They usually hear the fighting noise from another room and see the after effects of violence like tears, broken items, torn clothing, blood, and bruises. It’s a real frightening situation for the children who really witnessed this violence. Here are some effects of domestic violence on children:

Stressful Child: Feelings of children

The feeling of these children is far different from normal children. Although they seem to be normal to the outside world, but in reality, this is not the case. In their heart, they are the most insecure, anxious, angry and fearful persons. They even don’t know the reason of this violence and may blame themselves for the situation.

Their home looks like a battlefield where they scared to survive. They are very concerned about mother and siblings and may also become angry for triggering the abuse. They’ve grown up with this abuse and expected to keep the family secret. Children from abusive families feel isolated and starved for attention as well as for affection.

The mother of these children is struggling to survive and therefore, is not available to their children so often. In many families, father triggers the abuse and drive away, so he is not at all available for children. Well, the abuse makes these children feeling abundant and stressful. They feel stress 24/7 and perform poorly in their academics and any other field in their lives. They tend to do a lot of struggle to become successful in their lives as compared to children from non-abusive families.

Child Behavior

Many experts believe that children who grown up in abusive homes think that the violence is the only solution to resolve problems and conflicts. They’ve taken their father as a role model and they behave like an abusive man for his female partner as an adult. No doubt, they suffer emotional and psychological trauma in homes where their fathers abuse their mothers. Sometimes, father involves children in this abuse and teach them to disrespect mother. As she doesn’t know anything and she is a stupid lady. Children may start disrespecting their mother and feel that, in a relationship, one has to rule on the other. The girls who grown up in such an abusive home, feel that the violence is the norm in the relationship.

As a human, this is our responsibility to raise voice if domestic violence occurs with you or even in your neighborhood so that our future generation will be healthy and happy adults. Effects of domestic violence on children are worst and can work against our society. We should stop such kind of incidences, from our society to make this planet a healthy home for ourselves and for our kids. And for those, who are the eye witness for such kind of domestic violence in their childhood, must understand that this is not the right way to live our lives. Every human has a right to live a peaceful life and one should not be responsible for giving pain to another human, whether female or male. Everyone is equal on this planet and we have to understand it and act accordingly.

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