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6 Quick Parenting Tips to Nurture Your Child Effectively

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Imagine the feeling of a Father, holding the tiny little baby, who has seen the light of life a few hours ago. How much excited and nervous he would be. He might not express all his feelings at that time, but from that course of action both the parents start a new journey of their life, which is special in every way.

From would-be parents to parents who have kids, It is vital for them to cope with the changes around them. Understand the child needs, monitor their behavior and feel their expressions. All these are special moments for which Parents should be aware beforehand. In this column, we will try to explore some of the best Parenting skills, which can help the parents to understand their child in a much better way. Because we need to keep 1 thing in mind i.e ‘every child is unique’.

Involvement Is The Key

Let’s admit it and face it – From the day you have an infant at home, your routine has to alter and that’s good for many reasons. Parents have to be involved with the children and it takes much of their time. Being with them physically, they also have to make a mental link or attachment with them. Very quickly, parents have to adapt to different situations and change their priorities accordingly.

Child Is A Precious Gift

For a parent, the best moment has to be the time when they hold their baby for the 1st time ever! From that moment itself, every parent should understand that their child is a part of them and is the core part of their life. Parents often get confused between strictness and ownership. Parents should be strict sometimes, but they should never express their ownership on them, that would be a disaster.

Your Child Is Your Reflection

Once a child starts to feel and understand the presence of parents, remember they just follow the parents. Children are the quick learner, they are quick to react and respond, and somehow they connect to all the activities which parents do in front of them, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, as a parent, we need to be very sure of our presence and activities we perform in front of them.

Be A Learner

Right from the day, an infant starts to crawl to the day the kid becomes an adult, parents continue to teach their kids about everything in the world. Stop- Pause-Look the other way round. After a long day at work, when the parents come back home, the smile and the happiness of that moment on a parent’s face is only because of the child in front of them. Parents learn to smile, to be like a kid with their infants, try to be like them, just to please them. All of these are the learning moments along with developing the special bond between the kid and parents.

Parents Should Be Adaptive

As the child starts growing, it’s the job of the parents to adapt with the changing times, so that they are ‘in sync’ with their kids. It’s quite important to nurture and maintain a very nice relation with children. Parents are and should always be the 1st point of contact for their children. The responsibility lies on the parents to maintain this relationship for their life. If the child loses confidence or somehow the parents break the trust factor, then it is very hard for the child to normalize things again. A child always expects love and affection from their parents and in return, they start respecting and also understand their parents in a true way.

Be Consistent

The parents thought the process should be crystal clear, and then only, they can channelize their children to the right direction. For this, parents have to be consistent in their decisions they take on behalf of their kids. If parents keep on changing the ‘house rules’ frequently, the child gets confused and then it’s very easy for the children to deviate from the learning, which is not a good sign. Micro-managing is not a good way when the kids start schooling.

They should learn the art of being independent very soon. The parents should allow them to do their daily tasks as per their own liking. They should only monitor them and come in between when the things are going the wrong way. Parents should allow their kids to fall or fail and let them learn from their own mistakes, they start to differentiate between what is right and wrong for them.

Bringing a new soul in this world is a special thing. So taking care of the child and be supportive to them becomes quite necessary for the parents. The cycle of life goes on, someday the kid will become a parent too and then they have to start this process all over again.

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