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When parenting Styles Collide

when parenting styles collide

Are you in the situation, where your parenting style collides with your partner style. Don’t worry, it is a very natural process as both of you belongs to different behavior, background, temperament, so your parenting style as well. When you both become partner irrespective of your different nature, that is okay. When you want to

Transform Gender-Based Parenting into Human Roles

Equally Shared Parenting

Many couples believe in equally shared parenting instead of making women a victim of house labor. They do not consider women as a primary caregiver for children. They avoid gender based jobs which affects the gender based labor at home. In some families, fathers involved in children day-to-day care and helping

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Unwanted Doll

Studies show that children are at the higher risk of domestic violence. According to U.S government statistics, 95% of women are the victims of domestic violence by their male partners. Children are the eye witness of these type of violence’s. They usually hear the fighting noise from another room and

What is Permissive Parenting Style?

Permissive Parenting Style

Permissive Parenting style has been associated with behavior problems and no disciplined approach. The style requires low demands from children and high responsiveness. Permissive parents tend to be loving, caring, friendly and provide few rules and guidelines due to which the children struggle in self-regulation and self-control. Here are some characteristics