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When the Clock Fell Sick

clock fell sick

Once upon a time in a tiny town, there was a huge clock that sat on top of a bank building. Everything was going on fine, until, one day, the clock fell ill. The clock would skip a minute or two on some days. Gradually, the clock’s health began to worsen. Sometimes, it ran two hours too early, on other days it ran too hours too late. One day, an army major drove past the clock and adjusted his watch according to it.

Now, his watch running three hours too early. Early next morning, the major ordered his men to begin their six o’clock jog at three in the morning! The men were not very happy about this and they all marched to the bank, together.

The bank manager was a kind lady. She agreed to take the sick clock to a clock doctor, or if it got worse, to the clock hospital! She met a skilled clock doctor who gave her new parts of the clock. Together, they all fixed the poor town clock and set it up on the bank building once again. Now, the whole town was happy. After all, they could all reset their watches and were dot on time, everyday!


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