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The Unwanted Doll

Unwanted Doll

Susie was a beautiful doll. She stood in a corner of Mr. Brown’s toy shop. Nobody ever bought her because one of her arms were missing. It was Christmas, the time of the year when children ask Santa Claus to fulfill their wishes. Susie made a wish too, “Oh, Santa! Please give me a home this Christmas. When will I be loved by a little girl?” That day many children came to the store with their parents.

They admired Ted the teddy, Beads the fluffy dog and Bugs the green caterpillar with the dangling antenna. One by one they were all sold while Susie  watched longingly from her corner. Suddenly, in walked a girl on crutches. She looked at the pink elephant, the burly hippo and the magic telephone too. I want that one, she said, pointing towards Susie. “She is pointing at me!” thought Susie in wonder.

“But that’s a broken doll,” said Mr. Brown. What will you do with a doll which has no arm? asked her mother. We can stitch it on Mama, said the little girl. Besides, she looks so sad and lonely in that corner. Oh! I should have thrown her out long ago, interrupted, Mr. Brown.

“Oh no, she needs to be loved too,” the young girl protested. Mr Brown stitches Susie’s arm and also gave her a new dress. “Oh! Look at her now! she is the prettiest doll in the entire shop,” said the young girl. That day Susie not only got back her arm, but also a loving owner.





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