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Mr. Postman


Maggie wrote a letter to her friend Wendy. She put it inside a lovely pink envelope. Suddenly, a gush of wind blew the envelope away. Poor Maggie looked helplessly as the envelope flew out of the window and disappeared. Maggie was very upset and rushed to her friend Gina, “Have you seen my pink envelope?” she cried. “No, I was busy feeding the fish in the tank!” replied Gina. Maggie then ran to the local bakery shop, “Has anybody here seen a pink envelope?” she yelled.

Is it the one which has pretty pink flowers on it? asked a man dressed in a blue uniform. “Yes! Yes!” said Maggie excitedly. But who are you? she asked curiously. The man in the blue uniform said, I am the Postman; I collect your letters in my van, Whether it’s rain, storm or sunshine, You will get your letters always on time!


Crumpled, dirty, scented, however they might be, your letters are delivered by me; Do not worry young lady, your letter has reached your friend Wendy!


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