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The Little Green Boat

The little Green Boat

The little green boat stood at the jetty looking at all the other boats in the sea. “Oh, I wish I was big and strong like them” thought the little boat. “I don’t get a chance to go farther into the sea. All I do is ferry people and goods from the big boats to the jetty and back,” said the boat and sighed.

The other small boats were happily bubbling in the water but the green boat was quite sad. Just then some children  came along and started climbing all over the boat. It seemed they were coming to the jetty for the first time.


Oh look! Such a beautiful boat,” said one of them and the little boat felt better. “We can play here and come for a picnic whenever we want,” one of them said. The green boat beamed with delight. Since then, once every two weeks the children come and spend some time in the green boat to laugh and play together. The little boat waits for them and enjoys having them around too.,

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