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The Moon Prince

the moon prince

Little Roger loved to watch the silvery moon at night and wondered if he could go there some day. One night, as Roger was watching the night sky, a silver ladder descended from the moon and a handsome prince walked down the ladder. Roger couldn't believe his eyes. The prince

When the Clock Fell Sick

clock fell sick

Once upon a time in a tiny town, there was a huge clock that sat on top of a bank building. Everything was going on fine, until, one day, the clock fell ill. The clock would skip a minute or two on some days. Gradually, the clock's health began to

Growing Good Corn


Farmer Peter won the gold medal for growing the best corn in the village. He became famous when the newspapers wrote about him. One day, a reporter was amazed to see that Peter was distributing his seeds to other farmers in the village. "If you distribute your seeds to other farmers,

Mr. Postman


Maggie wrote a letter to her friend Wendy. She put it inside a lovely pink envelope. Suddenly, a gush of wind blew the envelope away. Poor Maggie looked helplessly as the envelope flew out of the window and disappeared. Maggie was very upset and rushed to her friend Gina, "Have

The Story of Two Old Women


Once, there lived two old women, one was clever and the other a little foolish. Together they had one wrap, one cow and a small piece of land. One day the clever women suggested , "Since we have only wrap, you can use it during the day and I'll use it

The Unwanted Doll

Unwanted Doll

Susie was a beautiful doll. She stood in a corner of Mr. Brown's toy shop. Nobody ever bought her because one of her arms were missing. It was Christmas, the time of the year when children ask Santa Claus to fulfill their wishes. Susie made a wish too, "Oh, Santa!

The Little Green Boat

The little Green Boat

The little green boat stood at the jetty looking at all the other boats in the sea. "Oh, I wish I was big and strong like them" thought the little boat. "I don't get a chance to go farther into the sea. All I do is ferry people and goods

Hermia The Hippo

Hermia The Hippo

Hermia the hippo lived in a zoo. One day, she escaped from the zoo and ran away to the house of a little boy called Mike. Mike knew that hippos and humans couldn't stay together, so he hid Hermia in the swimming pool of his house. Hermia stayed in the water

Why the Morning Glory Climbs?

Morning Glories are beautiful fragrant flowers, which bloom in the morning to welcome the sun, but shut their heart-shaped petals by afternoon. It was not always the speedy climber that it is now. The flower used to lie flat on the ground and never climb up. Long ago, above her