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The Sixth Week – Time to recognize mommy and enhanced sensory acuity

Since your baby entered the sixth week it’s time for her enhanced sensory functions and cognitive abilities to distinguish and recognize the mother from others.

Recognizes Mother:

From this week, there is a great possibility for your baby to recognize you and possibly the father if he happened to spend quality time with the baby. In any case, the babies can make out her mother from outsiders and family members. She starts to smile, coo and kick in joy looking at you. The precious mother and child bond has already formed, and it is getting stronger and stronger every minute of every day.

Improved sensory functions:

It is during this week, baby’s sensory functions will start to reveal more progress. The infant starts responding to pleasant things around her as you see her calm down when you gave her a soft toy or while playing soft/light music. She may cry or startle if there are loud or sudden noises near to her. The baby’s vision is much developed than initial weeks of birth, and she starts to interact with the world around her like never before.

Mind and Body coordination:

Another important function that shows up from this week is the focused coordination between mind, eyes, and hands. As the baby already enjoys better eyesight, she can start focusing on things at a certain distance, and they will try to hold the toys and bright colored objects near to them. However, this is too early for the child to hold, lift and play with objects; which will happen in the coming months.

Tummy Time:

Some parents are not interested in tummy time sessions during the first few weeks. For such mother’s, the sixth week is the right time to give it a try. Tummy time is a simple technique that works like magic in helping the child, develop a stronger back and neck quickly.

Baby’s growth fastens anytime between the sixth week to the eighth week. Their body starts to grow a little bit taller, and their feeding habits will soon change. From this week, they may be hungrier asking for breastfeeding more times than before, which helps to grow their bodies. Frequent breastfeeding will also help mothers to produce more milk to meet the hungry child.


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