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The Joy and Health Benefits of Infant Massage

The bond between the mother and the newborn develops in various emotional and physical levels. The baby’s developing senses play crucial role in making a strong bond with the mother and touch is one of the important factors that stimulates the emotional bond between you both.

Touching, Stroking and Massaging a baby are not recent discoveries; in fact massaging a baby has been a standard practice in Human Civilization from no less than three thousand years. It has been a part of cultures and carried along from generations of mothers and babies till day. The benefits of massaging your newborn have both health and emotional advantages. For Mother, massaging a baby helps her to relieve her stress and in the babies, it helps in the effective circulatory system, wellness, and improved immune system. However, there are few simple techniques that you should adhere while massaging your kid. So that, you can avoid hurting your child inadvertently or keep away possible discomforts.


Learn from Elders or Specialists

Massaging your newborn is more than just rubbing and stroking your baby. As the process involves a level of physical activity that enhances the bodily functioning, understanding the right process is equally important.

Try to learn from elders or other mothers that are experienced. In case, if the former idea was not possible, you may choose to hire an instructor to teach you how to massage your baby. There are many certified Instructors available in every city these days. Ask them the purpose and benefit of every step of the massaging process.

Communicate while Massaging

Communicating with your baby is an integral part of massaging which works on an emotional level. It helps to prepare your newborn for the process and let her enjoy it. Start talking to her before starting the process and wait for the baby’s approval. If the baby is crying or wants to move out of the position, she may not be ready for the session. Take some time and try it again when the baby is ready.


Enhanced and Earlier developments

The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami found that, by giving three sessions of fifteen minute massaging to a newborn continuously for five days. The baby showed 53 percent of enhanced weight gain than the babies who did not receive the massage sessions.

Doctors have long known that regular massaging will improve the neurological development in babies and it also helps in early brain development which stimulates the hormone that helps in proper digestion.

Relief from Colic

An overwhelming challenge every mother comes across is to handle the colic stress in their newborn. Massaging your baby in a right way can help to mitigate the levels of stress caused by the Cortisol hormone. A daily round of proper massaging can help your baby relax quickly from the colic stress and stay healthy. However, massaging can only diminish the level of pain but it is not a

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