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Seventh Week: Time to track at objects and enhanced listening skills

Your baby starts to look things clear in the seventh week. Thanks to her fast emerging eye sight, now she can look at every object within 60cm from her. That’s not all; the baby can start to track a moving object with her eyes. Look out for your baby often, as the newborns tend to cry a lot between 6th weeks to 12 weeks time.

From gazing to tracking objects:

So far, she is only staring at objects; it can go a little far from this week. The baby can hold almost everything that is within her reach. It can be mother’s hair, dad’s phone, grandpa’s nose and everything. They have an active natural grasping reflex to hold things, but they still don’t know how to go the objects out of their hands. Be sure, there are no heavy objects near to the baby as there are chances of baby holding it tight and doesn’t know how to let go.

Building blocks of communication:

It is during this period your talk start to make sense to the baby. The newborn’s brain will grow up to 5 cm in the first three weeks. While your continuous talk engaged the child until this moment, listening to your words will start sometime in the sixth week. She will not understand a word what you are trying to tell her, but she is with you all the time. Try to talk to her while she is awake, sing to her and tell her stories. These are the building blocks of mother-child communication.

Breastfeeding problems

The growing baby may require more feed as the number of times she wants your milk may increase alongside with the quantity she needs.

If you are lactating adequate amounts of milk for the baby, it is safe for both mother and the baby. But, many mothers have a problem in producing enough milk or not producing milk at all for their newborns. With a lot of buzz going on the mother about the breastfeeding, it is sure that she takes lots of browbeating initially.

Unquestionably, mother’s milk is the best a baby can get. In case the mother has a problem with breastfeeding, commercial formula nourishment can fill the gap. Do not hesitate to take this decision as you may not be the only mother facing the same problem.

Join us in our next post to know the signs of baby’s development during her eighth week. She is now close to complete two months from the day she is in the world.

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