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Ninth Week: Increased response for communication

Your baby just completed her first two months and entered her ninth week. She starts to grow quickly, and her features are changing from the time of her birth. And new signs of development are found every day and every week.

Here is the list of attributes you can expect from your newborn

Joy of listening

One of the fastest senses babies develop is the hearing. By the time she reaches nine weeks, her hearing senses are fully ready. So far she hears the sounds and occasionally respond or look around for it. From the ninth week, you may find some difference in the way she responds to the sounds.

Infants from nine weeks age develop an interest in sounds and music. You will see your baby kicking leg in excitement while listening music. You may play some soft music to thrill or let her fall asleep.

It is during this period babies develop intuition to work out where the sound is coming from. It’s good because mothers can make of this development for the further growth of the baby, and baby rattlers are the best way to do it. Rattlers produce sounds and baby will try to find where it is coming from, during the process child holds the rattler, shake it and, as a result, her eye coordinates towards the sound. The procedure helps to enhance muscle development and hand and eye coordination.

Try using a plastic rattler over a wooden one, as infants usually handle them, and there are more chances of hitting it on the baby’s head.

Responsive smiles

You are reading a lot about smiles; it started with stretching the lips in the sleep, smiling at the mother and throwing unlimited smiles at family and friends. However, most of them are random smiles. But now is the time for something special.

Your baby is still too far to understand any language. It will take a year time for her to comprehend the fundamental words of the language and respond in action. However, understanding caring and emotions happen very early in the timeline. From her ninth week onwards, the baby starts listening to your words and responds with her smile. She doesn’t know what you are talking, but she shows you are talking about her.

Talking with Babies

Many Mother’s think it is funny and embarrassing to talk to the weeks old baby. They think their infant won’t follow them. But, they are wrong. Throughout the world across many cultures, grannies suggest Mothers to talk to her infant baby. They want her to engage in a discussion no matter what she is talking about, just communicate with her. It helps the babies develop their cognitive abilities quickly and show signs of speaking in the early stages.

If you are spending more time with your baby talking things and telling stories from the ninth week. You may realize that your baby is already following what you are talking.  Babies start staring at you while you talk and in between they will coo to your words. No matter if things are working out same for you or not, every step of your caring takes both of you one step ahead in building a strong Mother and Child bond.


In case your child is sleeping in a Moses basket, there are more chances for it to be cramped by now. She may enjoy sleep on a baby cot. But don’t go for the transition to night as she may not adjust with the amount of space. Try placing the basket on the cot for two or three days and move her on the bed.

Follow us to know more about a newborn’s development in the next posts. For a Mother, every day and every week of her baby is precious it is hard to determine how fast the girl will grow.

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