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How to Swaddle a Baby- Everything to Know About

How to Swaddle a Baby

A newborn baby brings tons of happiness in the house. Every member of the family is eager to be around the little angel. As a parent, you must have practiced the ‘things-to-do’ list many times but now is the time for action. Properly swaddling the newborn is one of the key components which the parents must be aware of. Today we share with you some of the tips and tricks of swaddling a baby and its relevance.


This is a mixture of science and art. This technique is age-old and parents across the world follow it. So what makes it so unique? A swaddle resembles the womb of a mother in many ways. Since a newborn is accustomed of the cramped womb environment, the swaddle acts as a womb in outside life. For the first few weeks, it gives a sense of calmness and keeps the baby warm.

In the language of science, swaddling is the transition process from a mother’s womb to the outside world. A gentle pressure of the swaddle secures the baby and assists them to sleep. A swaddled child sleeping on their back decreases the chances of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It is also one of the best techniques for self-soothing. By now, as you are aware of swaddling, it’s time to know how to swaddle your baby to give maximum comfort. Swaddling is very helpful in case of premature babies.

There are 3 techniques which are widely used for swaddling. It’s good for you as well for the baby to have options which ensure none of you gets bored. Every day is a new beginning, so you can try these options and select the best for your baby.

Also, please be patient while learning the way of swaddling your child. It might take some days, but that’s absolutely fine.

  • Diamond swaddle

    For ages, this has been the most popular forms of swaddle around the world. You need to place the blanket on a flat base in a diamond position. Ensure that the top most side folded down approx 4 inches from the baby’s head. Place the baby with the head on the folded part of the blanket. Pull the blanket from the left end and tuck it under the baby. Ensure that the baby’s hips move freely. Next, hold the bottom end, pull it to the left side of baby’s shoulder and tuck it under the side of the head. The last part is to roll the right end across the baby and tuck it.

  • Sleep sack swaddle

    A modern design, coming from the ultra modern world. This sack is a ready-made swaddle available in market and you have to put your baby inside the swaddle. Then zip the sleep sack and wrap both ends of the blanket and lock it using the Velcro or straps attached to it. Parents like this product as it saves effort and time spent on preparing and rolling the baby.  

  • Square swaddle

    The last option is square or quick swaddle. Here place the blanket on a flat base in a square position and fold the top end approx 4 inches. Put the baby diagonally, with the head on the folded part. Pull the right end and tuck it under the baby. Same way, tuck the left end on the opposite side. Lastly, the bottom end goes under the back side of the baby.

Let’s share some tips with you on swaddling as these can help you a lot:

  • Correct size of the swaddle

    A very basic but crucial thing. A correct measurement helps you to cover the baby nicely. Never roll it so tightly that they can’t even move their fingers or hands inside.

  • Feeding

    You would never want your baby to wake up completely at night. Remove the diapers from the bottom of the swaddle, change them and tuck the swaddle back. Now you can start feeding, this ensures that your baby is half asleep. You have to learn the art of changing the diapers without removing the swaddle completely and feeding them.

  • Sleep association

    Swaddling is part of the positive sleep association. With time, the baby starts feeling the process and adapts to it. Every day make this an event and follow your steps. Before a long sleep, change the diapers, feed them and finally swaddle them gently. Your baby will like it and will love being a part of this routine.

  • Sleeping time

    Babies love sleeping when everything around them is calm. Swaddling a baby is an art and if you reach the level of perfection, nothing better than that. When you baby is awake, remove the swaddle and let them move their hands and legs freely in the air. Let them move rather than being in swaddle all day.

Things ‘not to do’ in Swaddling

  • Ensure they have frog legs and not straightened legs. In addition, the hips should be free.
  • The material of the blanket is important. Always prefer to use a thin material for a blanket. Never cover the mouth or nose of the baby.

Now you are sure as to why infants need swaddling and moreover how to swaddle your baby in an appropriate way. The option you choose from the above is dependent on your baby. Select the one in which you find your baby comfortable and happy. A proper swaddle can fulfill your aim of giving a longer window of sleep and rest to your new born baby.

Also, remember swaddling is not forever. Once your baby starts rolling over or starts kicking the swaddle often, remove the swaddle. These are signals that the baby doesn’t want to be inside the swaddle anymore.


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