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Fifth Week – A week of Baby’s first smile and Mom’s last checkup

The fifth week marks an importance for Mother and the child. Whereas the child is showing the signs of growing quickly, it is also time for the mother to come out of her postpartum stress and relieve herself from the emotional baggage of the last nine months.


In the fifth week, the mother should prepare for her final postpartum checkup. For many Women, pregnancy is not an entirely joyous experience. They come across severe stress during the whole pregnancy period, taking the labor pains and delivery which leads to a big deal of emotionally and physically stress.

The fifth week is one of the crucial points for the mother as the doctor will take a final round of examination. She’ll check the pelvis and vagina to make sure there are no tears or scratches. If your case is a C-section, she’ll examine your belly to find if there is any tenderness or numbness. Checking the stitch scars and healing is also a part of the examination.

Alongside with physical tests, it is recommended to discuss your emotional levels and get them under control. As many as 8 out of 10 mothers suffer from baby blues until four to five weeks period. The term is referred to the signs of depressions mothers usually face due to excess anxiety and stress. However, baby blues will settle with time; in case if you feel the symptoms of depression are lasting for two or more weeks. It can be a serious problem of postpartum depression that is dangerous for both mother and child.


Baby’s first smile:

The moment you are waiting to see is finally here. It’s the real smile on your baby’s face. It is time to grab the camera and take the picture of a lifetime. The chuckle and giggle aren’t like the one that happens while sleeping. In the fifth week; baby shows her smile as a part of communication. From this moment, smiling is a part of life. You can talk with her, make funny faces and play some light music to see her smiling.

Sleeping hours:

Every baby sleeps a lot during first few months, but every one of them has their patterns. One can sleep in a stretch for two hours, and another can wake up two or three times in the same period. As a loving mother, you may have understood the sleeping patterns of your baby. You should have a clear idea of when will the baby wake up and within how much time she will go back to sleep.

Knowing the sleep pattern of your child helps to organize your works more efficiently. You can come back to your kid when she is awake, spend some time with her; cuddle her and make her build a bond with you and get back to your work as soon as she goes to sleep. Remember, for a baby needs no gadgets and fun stuff to play. You are the best gift she can have, so spend more time with her while she is awake.

By the end of the fifth week, mothers are usually free of the postpartum stress and babies start to show more signs of growth and communication. It is time to learn more about what happens at the next level. Move on and check our baby development section during the sixth week.

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