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Eight Weeks: Time for two month check up and countless smiles

Congratulations, your baby is about to complete her first two months of life. It feels astounding to look back at the past two months since your newborn came into your life. From the anxious moment of delivery followed by the fear to handle the newborn, the sleepless nights, the babies first smile and the list goes on filled your life with a variety of feelings. Your life is full of mixed emotions in the past 60 days.

By now you are entirely adjusted with the baby’s sleep and well aware of her feeding times. It is good for you to manage your sleeping time along with your baby’s sleeping sessions.

The two-month baby checkup

The eighth week is the time for the two-month checkup. The doctor will test your baby’s overall growth, health and give few shots of immunizations. Many parents worry about the vaccines doctor give during this time. But, take it easy. We know how careful you are when it comes to your newborn baby. Equally, you should understand that every parent feels the same with their loving kid. And the doctor is the best person to know about it. Allow the doctor to carry on the routine vaccinations, as it does more benefits than risk.

Head lift and neck development

Baby still struggles to balance her head and back. But the progress is already visible as you see the child can lift her head about 45 degrees. You can encourage the kid to strengthen her neck and back by practicing tummy time sessions. Make it an exercise to turn her on tummy every day for some time. She tries to lift her head, and some babies move a step forward trying to do the first push-ups. You can place a dangling toy or a baby mirror before her to raise her head.

Lots of smiles

By now baby smiles very often, and this time, everyone has it. She is too generous to throw her smiles at everybody but not just the family members. May it be the visitors, guests or a random stranger, Everyone is blessed to see the baby blushing at them.

Hardened Skull

Baby’s skull development is a complex stage throughout development. It hardens in various sections over a long time. Some parts of the skull will take over a year to develop, whereas some parts will develop within two months. Posterior fontanelle, the triangular shaped one at the back is one among them. Within this two months period, the part must be completely developed and closed.

When babies come out of mother’s womb, two parts of their head are not closed or entirely fused with the rest of skull. This arrangement allows narrowing the baby’s head while struggling to come out. The diamond shape of the baby’s head takes much longer time, almost one and a half year to totally harden and fuse with the rest.

Baby’s development has come a long way from the moment they came out of the mother’s womb. But it is too early to compare with what is going to form in the coming months. Read on further articles to know the week-by-week development in newborn babies.

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