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Baby’s 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Baby 1st Birthday Party Ideas

As a parent, to see your baby sitting over the carpet or trying to stand out is probably the best sights of the world. Everything we do as a parent is for the first time. Buying a pair of musical shoes to ornaments and outings, all these moments stays forever in our minds. It feels as if it was just yesterday when we bought the first shoes.

The 1st birthday of the baby is nothing less than a milestone in every parent’s life. As the day gets nearer, everyone in the family starts coming up with new ideas or ways to celebrate the evening in a unique way. However, the task is also not very easy to perform. Our child is the center point of all the preparations- be it managing the guests, checking the food or anything else. Today we bring you some of the amazing 1st birthday party ideas which are fun-filled in nature and are some of the best ways we can make this evening more special for our little ones.


Theme Selection

birthday theme selection

This is the most important thing to decide. A party hall should be decorative, colorful and bright. However, the little baby is completely unaware of these activities happening around.

They just enjoy the moment, and hence the venue should be somewhat similar to your house so that the baby can relate. A wise idea is to decorate a favorite toy and keep it in front of the baby. The ambiance should be homely and the theme color should somewhat be friendly to the kid.


Photo Studio

Birthday Photo Studio


This can be a big attraction for the guests. Decide a corner where kids can have a photo shoot for them.  Even the parents will be excited to see their babies posing for the camera. For the rest, it’s a fun time. Later on, the guests can take the best of the photos so that it will be on their minds for a long time too.


Bubbles All The Way



Place large quantities of bubble mix along with large bands. Kids love to play around bubbles, also this can engage the kids for a good amount of time.



Birthday Mask


Keep plenty of masks on a table and ask the parents to wear it and stand in a line. Next, ask the toddlers and kids to find their parents without removing the masks. This will involve a lot of discussions and movement among the kids and a very nice time for the parents.


Musical Bumps

Birthday Musical Bumps


This activity can be done easily in a decent sized living room. The kids will dance to the background music, once the music stops everyone has to sit down and the last standing child will be out of the game. And of course, it is nice to give a gift to the child who is out to make all kids happy and comfortable. This game always finds a place in the top ‘birthday party fun ideas’ list.


Design a Playard

birthday playard for kids


Be it an event or party, at home or away, parents can use a playard very effectively. Decorate the Playard with colorful balloons and put your baby along with friends inside. Putting small toys inside the Playard is also a good idea. The baby can enjoy a lot while parents can enjoy the party.



Finger Paints

Finger Paint


Indeed a lovely way to keep the little kids engrossed among themselves and to decide who has the best painting done on their fingers. Selecting birthday as a theme, everyone will relate their paintings with this special day.


Crayons with Candy



Engaging kids for any group activity, it is necessary to attract them with something special. Kids can use the crayons and draw pictures. At the end, everyone gets a pack of candies as a prize. The respective parents can take the drawings home if they find it nice enough to preserve it.


Fun Tattoos

Butterfly tattoo


Be it a Spider-man or Superman, tattoos are always a hit with the little ones. Kids can have a temporary tattoo done on their hands or faces by a Tattoo artist. It will be funny seeing these kids showing off their tattoos to everyone and enjoying their tattoos.


Fancy Dress Competition

Birthday Fancy Dress


This game is always present in every ‘birthday party ideas’ list. The kids can either wear their favorite outfits or if it’s a theme based birthday party; every kid becomes a Spiderman or Superman. While it will be a comical moment for the kids, the parents would enjoy seeing their kids transformed into ‘little’ superheroes.


Story Teller



Along with a fun activity, this game is an ‘ice-breaker’ for the kids. Even a 2-3 minutes ‘short’ story works as a miracle. The kids get closely involved among themselves and for the parents – a good moment to see their kids expressing themselves in front of a crowd.


Balloon Popping

Balloon Popping


For this game, inflate a large number of balloons in the first place. Bursting the balloons is a noisy task but majority of children love it. One drawback is- some kids don’t like the sounds of bursting balloons and they can get a bit irritated or get scared. Therefore, select the bunch of kids who are interested in this game.


Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt


This game can be funny as well as time-consuming. In addition, it requires assistance from adults to divide the kids in the group of 2 or 3 and guide them to search for the hints which are in the house. As a group activity, kids love this game as they get to know each other in a better way.


Return Gifts

Birthday Return Gifts


Finally, when it’s time to depart- give a surprise to all the kids by giving them a small return gift. The gift will help to reinstate the lost smiles on their faces as its time to leave the party. The return gift strengthens the bond between the kids, and even the guests would appreciate the gesture. By doing this, we can end the party on a winning note.


The baby, who grew 1 today can’t understand much, however, the smiles and gestures say it all. Whenever in future, you will see these photographs along with grown up children, it would revive the memories of this special day. It makes everyone happy and emotional. This day will always remain close to the hearts of every parent.

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