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Welcome to! We have taken an initiative to light up the parenting thoughts and fresh ideas which helps all of us in raising a healthy and happy generation of kids. MumThoughts is a platform for homemakers and working moms to share their stories and learn from others, to inspire people like You and Me. It’s very important to understand parenting techniques before planning a baby so that when your little one arrives, you welcome the little star with a handful of your parenting skills and of course your unconditional LOVE.

We can understand well, how the mother feels after giving a birth. A strong and mature lady who undergone lots of stress and difficulties, knows, the fruit of her hardship will overcome all the pain. This platform is for all ladies who has the courage and fate to make it possible. Both of you (Baby and Mom) did hard-work together for this transition into the new stage of life. Being a mother is a fulfilling experience and motherhood is an adventure with many tales. End of the day, nothing matters when you look into those pure, innocent eyes of your baby, which makes you forget everything but love.

For working moms it’s an entirely different story. The painful part is to leave your kid every day and count hours to see him. For us, there is always more to handle than we actually plan and prepare. The daily chores, stress, workplace frustrations, urban commute and caring your little one is challenging and equally worrisome in times. Here, is where the cookie crumbles.

There are many Moms having problems dealing with their growing children. And if it is not working well, it only adds more fear and frustration. This is our attempt to help those women facing trouble in attending and raising their babies. We plan to bring out our experiences and share the most beautiful and anxious moments every mother come across on this journey. Together we can clear our confusions about growing our relation with kids.

As you visited the page and reading this, we can understand you have a lot to share with us. We hope, we come together to unfold our experiences for other parents to grow a generation of kids.

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